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Twilight of the Grids

The British Rail Type 5 Class 56 locomotives, or Grids, as they became known amongst the enthusiast fraternity, gained an almost cult like following, especially during their final years in EWS ownership. This book is quite simply Mark Allatt’s own photographic record of the class in action during their final years of service in and around West Yorkshire, but primarily as the title suggests around the area of Healey Mills depot, Wakefield.

The images featured were captured using various digital cameras of all makes and sizes, covering the period from 1998 to 2004, (most previously unpublished) when the surviving members of the class were prematurely retired by EWS as ‘non standard’.

This collection shows the class hard at work in all aspects of their duties, in a plethora of liveries right up until the final train on 31st March, 2004 and includes all manner of work from the coal traffic they were primarily designed for, through to enterprise workings, fuel oil trains, ‘Binliners’, railtours etc.

Limited to just 500 copies

13.95 Post Free (UK Only)


Softback cover (250gsm)
100 Pages (170 gsm)
22.5 cm x 19.5 cm
Perfct Bound
114 Colour Photographs
 Informative & Interesting Captions

Release Date: 29th April 2018


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Welcome to our new Hellfire Series of books, they are quite simply about nostalgia and will feature all manner of subjects, with the whole premise being to rekindle fond memories of what many would call ‘The Glory Days’. To start the series we have three publications...


Newcastle in the 1970s Cover web

Newcastle & Gateshead in the ‘70s

For those that visited Newcastle Station and the surrounding area in the 1970s, this is a real nostalgia fest. Featuring a wide variety of motive power from the mighty Deltics to the humble Class 03 and even the prototype HST and a Class 50.

The book is split into the following sections, for your reading/viewing pleasure: Pre-TOPS; Parcels & Post; DMUs; Cross-Country; Class 03s; Bridges; Tees-Tyne Pullman; Gateshead Depot; The Silver Jubilee; On Test; In the Snow; Suburbs; East Coast Expresses and Freight.

Limited to just 500 copies

13.95 Post Free (UK Only)


Softback cover (250gsm)
100 Pages (170 gsm)
Perfect Bound
21 cm x 21 cm
159 Photograph (78 in colour)

Informative & Interesting Captions

Release Date: 14th May 2018


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Whistle Cover web

Whistle While You Work - Class 40s

The English Electric Type 4 (Class 40) was introduced in 1958. Between then and the final withdrawal thirty years later, they worked most if not all types of trains. This book looks back at the locos from the late 1960’s  through to the end in 1988.

The book is split into the following chapters:

Pre-TOPS; Down The Coast; Freight; Green Goddesses; Depots; Charters; Going Solo; Works; Passenger and Departmentals.

A stunning selection of photos, mainly from the Ireland family, will bring back many memories of these big beasts in action.

Limited to just 500 copies

14.95 Post Free (UK Only)


Softback cover (250gsm) ~ 104 Pages  (170 gsm) 
21 cm x 21 cm ~ 150+ Colour Photos 
 Informative & Interesting Captions
14.95 post free (UK)

Release Date: 9th November 2018


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