Streets of London explores different aspects of TfL operations in the capital and starts from a simple premise: If we find something interesting, you will too. With more than 8,000 vehicles in the various fleets, a huge number of routes and more than a hundred different bus types, it’s taken us the best part of a year to get round the entire network and form an accurate picture of the current scene. 

In this volume:

 The Square Mile: The City of London financial area isn’t all banks, grand buildings and branches of Starbucks. There’s dozens of bus routes too, criss-crossing the narrow streets in a mesmerising tangle. We un-pick the spaghetti and show you some of the very best locations to visit.
Single-Deckers: We round up some of the more interesting . . . by which we mean routes that are not only worked by Enviro 200s. 
Bendy Farewell: After a very short period, the articulated experiment in the capital has been brought to an end. Starting with route 25 and working through to the last survivor, route 207, this is our survey of the final year of Mercedes Citaro artics.
The RV1: You’ve probably heard about it, but have you seen it close up? The plan was to have eight hydrogen fuel cell buses running between Aldwych and Tower Hill in 2011, but the reality has been very different. Count the different types!Potters Bar: As a taster of future programmes, we head out into the country (about as far as you can go, London-wise) for a tour of the garage and a re-visit for the 2011 open day.
Touristas: Love them or hate them, sight-seeing tours do add extra interest. And there are so many.
iBus: What is it, where can you find it, how does it work, and what happens behind the scenes? We invade a control room to find out.
Routemasters: The 9H and 15H - RMs, refurbished, Stagecoach and First Group. London’s major icon marches on.

DVD Features: Motion-menus, chapter points and our commentary-off option.

Quality Assurance: Each DVD is factory-pressed from an original glass master.

Approx 75 mins - £19.95


*** New ***

The Story of a Bus Garage

Plumstead Garage in south-east London has an allocation of 185 buses, so keeping them all operational is a challenging task. We were allowed unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to find out how it’s done. Along the way we picked up a huge amount of detail, much of which has been incorporated in an informative script. Needless to say, the pictures are revealing too, and will provide you with a full understanding of how a big, modern bus garage operates:

 The programme sections:

~ A full tour of the mechnical areas, including the major repair shed, exam shed, brake test area, paint shop and MOT bay.
~ The control room, the iBus room, the drivers’ signing-on point and the back offices.
~ The evening run-in - showing the day’s entire allocation returning to base for fuel and a wash before being parked for the night. You will also see how buses are re-allocated for the next day.
~ The ‘cab ride’  features Plumstead’s route 122, running between the garage and Crystal Palace. We scissor out the really interesting bits and mix them with roadside shots.
~ The routes - A roadside view of all twelve of the garage’s double-deck and single-deck routes featuring every type on the allocation . . . including a surprise new arrival.

 Plumstead Delivers . . . and so does this DVD

Features: Motion menus, scene selection, ‘commentary off’ option.

Approx 73 mins - £19.95





Following on from the acclaimed London Enviro DVD, London Gemini is the first of two programmes devoted to the Wrightbus double-decker in London. It focuses on the early Eclipse and Pulsar batches delivered between 2001 and 2006, all of which were built onto either the Volvo B7TL chassis or the DAF/VDL DB250. A later volume will deal with the Gemini 2 variants introduced from 2008, as well as the hybrid buses.

Some 850 units of the first model were delivered to Arriva, Go-Ahead, the one-time East Thames, First Group and Travel London (later Abellio), alongside a speculative batch for London United. Like other bus designs in the capital, many were ordered for specific contract renewals or type changes, but the earliest models have now begun the inevitable march to the provinces as their London life comes to an end.

Programme sections are devoted to each of the main operating companies, there’s a separate review of the ‘odds & ends’, and a comparison between the Volvo and DAF units powering the buses. Detailed graphics list each of the batches as delivered, company by company and garage by garage, with a summary of the current allocation.

All this is illustrated with high-quality widescreen footage from across the TfL area, featuring almost every route the ‘Mark One’ Geminis currently work, and there’s an informative script to explain the background . . . in short, pretty much all you need to know about the Wright company’s first foray into the double-deck market.

Features: Motion menus, scene selection, ‘commentary off’ option.

Approx 73 mins - £19.95

*** New ***


London’s Heritage features more than 115 working buses of eighteen different types once common on the streets of the capital. As well as in-depth sections on the most numerous survivors - RM, RML & RT - there's also a behind-the-scenes look at Ensignbus’s garage in Essex where many gems can be found in the workshops and the restoration shed. The RT-worked regular service alongside of the Epping & Ongar Railway also earns its own section.

As well as the central area Routemasters, the RMC & RCL sub-classes feature in the general double-decker section alongside RLHs, Daimler Fleetlines and the LT Museum's K-Type. Single-deckers divide into two groups - the especially numerous preserved RFs . . . and everything else, including the Leyland Tiger, the Merlin, the Guy Special and even the Leyland National.

Filmed at many diverse locations, including Brooklands, Duxford, Epping Forest, Maidstone, North Weald, Slough, Walthamstow, Weybridge, Windsor and Wisley, this nostalgic, non-stop footage truly has something for everyone.

DVD Features: Motion menus & scene selection.

Approx 75 mins - £19.95


*** New ***

The Official DVD


Whether you attended Showbus 2012 or not, you won’t want to miss the DVD of the Duxford show. This remarkable event was covered by five of our cameramen from numerous locations in and around the site.

Programme sections include:

The Arrival - A huge variety of buses and coaches approach the site from all points of the compass but pass one of our camera crews somewhere. The Customs Posts - Once inside the site, each bus is received at ‘baggage claim’ and allocated its designated spot in the various displays. We were given unlimited access by the organisers, allowing our cameras to set up in restricted areas so you get the very best views of this fascinating part of the day. Around the Site - We pick out the most interesting exhibits from the displays and look around the extensive sales stand area. The Jubilee Parade - The aim was to include a bus from every year of the Queen’s reign to celebrate her 60th year. How many actually featured on the road run from Royston to Duxford, and how many more featured in the parade at the airfield? Anniversaries - As well as the Queen’s Jubilee, AEC celebrated its centenary in 2012, the red London RF reached the 60 year mark, and the Bedford twin-steer clocked up its half-century. So there were plenty of VALs and plenty of Regals to be seen . . . and more than a hundred AECs. The London display - Especially impressive in 2012 because of the AEC factor. Grouped by type, the individual buses were lined up in numerical order to provide numerous photo opportunties. We also take a look inside two of the more interesting vehicles. New deliveries - For the younger enthusiast and fans of the current scene, there were plenty of modern buses too, from the latest Enviros to the latest Wrightbuses and the London ‘Borismaster’ . . . and the first sightings of the new ‘62’ plates. As a bonus - Two former Maltese buses were in attendance and a coach which, despite being built in 1970, had never been registered!

Welcome to Showbus 2012 -

DVD features: Motion menus, scene selection and a commentary-off option

Approx 75 mins - £19.95


*** New ***


The Streets of London series explores diverse aspects of TfL’s bus operations in the capital and starts from a simple premise: If we find something interesting, you will too. With more than 8,000 vehicles in the combined fleets, a huge number of routes and more than a hundred different bus types, there is always plenty to enjoy . . . as Streets of London sets out to show. In this volume:

New Buses For London: The two new types on London’s streets in 2012, both from Wrightbus - the single-deck Streetlite and, of course, the ‘Borismaster’. As well as day-to-day running on route 38, the section includes footage of the New Bus launch in Trafalgar Square in December 2011.
Central London: Following on from Volume One, this section takes a close look at the myriad of routes and types to be found in the central area of London - the ‘West End’, as it’s often known.
Route 3 Changeover: What happens when a new contract brings new buses onto a route? We follow the process with Abellio’s route 3, which exchanged Tridents for Enviro 400 hybrids at the start of 2012. We go behind the scenes at Battersea garage and then provide a ‘cab ride’ along the busiest section of the route, from Kennington to Oxford Circus.
London Archive: Everything changes so fast that five years back could be considered as archive. We take a trip to 2002 and find a bus scene that’s almost unrecognisable today.
Top Twenty: A rundown of numbers 1 to 20 route-wise . . . in  reverse order, of course.
Rail Replacements: On almost every weekend London buses stand in for trains, especially during the never-ending upgrade of the Underground. The big operators run alongside the smaller companies, as do lots of older buses, in this fascinating section.

DVD Features: Motion-menus, chapter points and our commentary-off option.

Approx 79mins - £19.95


*** New ***


Leyton garage in east London is a fascinating location. Not  only is it an operating garage, the building also doubles as a mini-works for  refurbishing Stagecoach London’s buses. We were allowed unprecedented  behind-the-scenes access to film the work in progress. Along the way we picked  up a huge amount of detail, much of which has been incorporated in the  programme's informative script. Needless to say, the pictures are revealing  too, and will provide you with a complete understanding of how this unique  facility functions.

The programme sections:
~ General  operation of the garage
~ Painting buses in the purpose-built spray  booth
~ Upholstery repairs and seat replacement
~ MOT preparation,  including a new upper deck windscreen for one of  the Scanias
~ Body repairs
~ The Centenary Open Day 2012,  with multiple ’Number Ones’ from RT1 to LT1
~ The a ‘cab ride’ on  Leyton’s route 55, running from the garage to Oxford Circus in the heart of  London. We paste together the really interesting sections of the route and mix  them with roadside shots and cut-aways. Needless to say, we pass numerous  buses on the way
~ Leyton's routes - A roadside view of all seven of the garage’s double-deck services

This DVD is a ground-breaking  insight into one of the London bus scene’s most interesting locations . . .  which you must not miss!

Features: Motion menus, scene  selection, a ˜commentary off’ option

Approx 82 mins - £19.95


*** New ***


LONDON GEMINI 2 picks up the story of the Wrightbus double-decker where LONDON GEMINI left off, and focusses on the second generation, revamped models delivered to the capital since 2009.

Programme sections:

 The early HEVs

Arriva: The integral buses based on the VDL chassis; the early DW200 series and the later ‘whole vehicle’ spec DW400 batch.

Go-Ahead: The WVL series continues - Eclipse Gemini 2s on the Volvo B9TL chassis.

First Group: The conversion of bendybus route 18 to Gemini 2, and later batches for west and east London.

Metroline joins in with focussed batches for new contracts in west and north London, including the iconic route 24.

The later hybrids: The Volvo B5LH models delivered to Arriva, Go-Ahead and Metroline

The Oddities: The buses ‘pinched’ by The Shires, the Northumberland Park switchover, and in the future . . . Gemini 3?

The routes the buses were ordered for, and the routes they’ve migrated to, are explained in an informative script, backed up by summary graphics at the end of each section - in short, pretty much all you need to know about the Wrightbus Gemini 2 in the capital city.

Features: Motion menus, scene selection, ‘commentary off’ option.

Approx 82 mins - £19.95




Londons Heritage 2 features more than 100 working buses from twenty-two different types that once pounded the streets of the capital. In addition, there are extended features on the last Routemaster built, RML2760, and a stunning array of buses working Route 76 as part of Tottenham garage’s centenary celebrations.

As you would expect, all variants of the Routemaster, from the standard RM to the RML and RMC are covered in depth, as well as prototypes RM1 and RML3. Numerous RTs in their various forms also feature, along with types that traditonally receive  lesser billing than the icons. Older vehicles still, such as the G Type  and NS Type, also have their place on this DVD alongside more modernn  buses such as the Titan and the Olympian. Single-deckers like the RF and the GS feature prominently as they each celebrate  significant anniversaries in 2012/13. And there are Merlins, Leyland  Naional and Leyland Tiger too.

Filmed at numerous locations, including Alton, Brooklands, Duxford, East  Grinstead, Hertford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, North Weald, South Mimms,  Walthamstow, Weybridge, Wisley and The City of London, the action is non-stop. If you love a drop of London nostalgia, this is the DVD for you.

Features: Motion menus & scene selection.

Approx 76 mins - £19.95


*** New ***


The third volume of Streets continues with the same format as the previous  two. We work on a simple premise If we find something interesting, you  will too. With more than 8,000 vehicles in the combined fleets, a huge  number of routes and more than a hundred different bus types, there is  always plenty to enjoy . . . as Streets of London sets out to show. In this volume:

First Farewell: We feature the last few months of First’s operations in London. Looking at the various routes operated by each garage
Rainham Prepares: Following on from the first section, we make a visit to Rainham garage  to see the preparations being made to take over the last of the First  routes.
Ch. Ch. Ch. Changes: We look at the changes that have occurred over the last year on the  prestigious Route 24. From Enviros to New Gemini 2s and of course the  New Bus For London.
West London: This time we feature the routes and operations in the area to the west  of Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner out as far as Shepherds Bush and  Fulham. Includes the Borismasters on routes 9 & 11.
Metrobus Single-Deckers: Metrobus use an interesting selection of single-deckers on their routes. We take a visit to Orpington to seek them out
Spirit of London: This iconic bus returned to operation in April, we show you how the  fire damage was repaired, the final preparations at Rainham, its appearance at Brooklands and out on Route 55.

 Features: Motion-menus, chapter points and our commentary off option.

Approx 76 mins - £19.95


*** New ***


The Plaxton President double-deck body, built by Northern Counties, first appeared in London in 1999. By the time production ended in 2005, more than a thousand vehicles had been supplied to London operators, built onto three different chassis types - Dennis Trident, Volvo B7TL and DAF DB250LF. They came in two lengths and some of the early examples even had centre staircases!

Now, in 2014, many of the early vehicles have been withdrawn from TfL work and those that remain are in the twilight of their careers.

This programme looks back over the last three years, showing many of the buses now withdrawn, several routes that Presidents no longer work, and those they still cling on to today.

Some continue working in the capital as trainers, others have become sightseeing buses, and surviving 'front-line' vehicles continue to turn up at weekends on rail replacement work. President Fade-away shows them all.

 Features: Motion-menus, chapter points and our commentary off option.

Approx 72 mins - £19.95


London Heritage 3

London’s  Heritage 3 is almost the 2014 Heritage Year Book, featuring an incredible  thirty-one different bus types. Notable events include the RT75 celebration, the Year of The Bus cavalcade through the capital’s streets, and heritage buses back in service during the spring's Underground  strikes.

The full running order:

RT75 - We travel to  Ash Grove garage on board RT1700 to record the mass gathering of RT  variants. Extra footage shows many of them working part of route 22 to commemorate the first journey of RT1 in 1939.

West Ham -  Behind-the-scenes footage of the morning run-out of the Routemasters for  Heritage route 15.

Regent Street  Cavalcade - Multiple camera locations capture the  remarkable procession of buses from Albert Embankent to Regent Street,  spanning 100 years of bus evolution.

RM Interlude - RCL2239  on a wedding special in Visions' home village of Boreham in Essex.

Rally Round-up -  Another stunning selection of bus types at the 2014 events -  Watford, Detling, Sevenoaks, Harlow, Slough and Stevenage - each illustrated with a variety of locations

Strike 2 - We head  back to central London to record the heritage buses pressed into action during  the second tube strike in April 2014. RMs, RTs, a Metrobus, a Titan and a Fleetline appear on a selection of routes.

The 'must have'  heritage programme of 2014

 Features: Motion-menus, chapter points and our commentary off option.

Approx 74 mins - £19.95



Over the weekend  of 12th & 13th July 2014, an astonishing 136 Routemasters descended  on Finsbury Park in north London to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this timeless icon. In the programme  you will see 90 of these vehicles on the move, but the static display is covered fully too, with a couple of runs along the length of the line-up  on both Saturday and Sunday. We also show the Saturday morning  arrivals from numerous locations inside and outside the park. There are views of buses arriving at the display area and being carefully positioned.

A fantastic sequence featuring two silver Routemasters running around the park was captured from our camera car.RMs, RCL, RMC and  RML were specially filmed 'on the road' while working the Manor House to  Seven Sisters circular X60 service. Sunday ends with  a mass departure as vehicles of all types, and in various colours, head home. For a different perspective, there's even  a few shots taken from the top of the ferris wheel!

Routemasters 1-3  and 5-9 all make an appearance,as do buses from Germany and Sweden,  converted RMs and vehicles returning to London for the first time in years. If you were at  the event, this is the perfect souvenir of an unforgettable weekend. If you weren’t, you really need to see what you missed!

Sixty minutes of Top Quality Routemaster Action.

 Features: Motion-menus, chapter points and our commentary off option.




The fourth volume of Streets continues the simple premise of the previous three - If we find something interesting, you will too. With more than 8,000 vehicles in the combined fleets, a huge number of routes and more than a hundred different bus types, there is always plenty to enjoy . . . as Streets of London sets out to show. In this volume:

Commercial Services: Go-Ahead’s ever-changing commercial fleet and the shuttles it provides at high-profile London events, like the Chelsea Flower Show, the Wimbledon tennis championships and, in 2014, the Farnborough Air Show.
Outside The M25: The routes that break through the M25 barrier and escape to the country. There are more than you may realise.
Farewell 9H: The last few months of Routemaster operation on Heritage route 9, including the final journeys in July.
Romford & Ilford: We head east for this edition’s featured area and show two very busy hubs that would easily make a whole programme on their own. Lots of routes, lots of variety.
Going Up: A selection of buses tackling the capital’s hills, such as Muswell, Crouch and Wimbledon. The little-known Osidge also makes an appearance.
Scanias: The huge variety of Scania-based double-deckers working TfL routes - every type and every operator.

DVD Features: Motion-menus,chapter points and commentary-off option. Written & Narrated by David Maxey.


ALX400 front for ads


ALX400 Fade-Away features Alexander’s ALX400 double-deckers which were supplied to London operators on three different chassis types - Dennis Trident, Volvo B7TL and DAF DB250LF, they also came in two lengths on each chassis type.

Mid-way through 2015, the DAF examples are very nearly extinct and big inroads are being made into the Tridents and Volvo, fleets.

Throughout the dvd we visit numerous locations all over the Capital to bring you the very best action. This programme looks back over the last four years showing many now withdrawn buses, routes no longer worked, Types no longer operated by operators and of course those that still cling on today. Some buses continue working in the capital as trainers, others continue to turn up at weekends on rail replacement work. ALX400 Fade-Away shows them all.

DVD features motion menus, chapter points and our popular commentary-off option.

Approx 73 Mins - RRP £19.95




Ensignbus - The Inside Story

Join us behind the scenes at Ensignbus. During the programme we show you the various operations run by the company. From running local services to buying and selling buses. We take an in-depth look at the impressive depot at Purfleet. You will see what it took to get all the extra buses out for the recent tube strike. The local services operated by Ensign that centre on Lakeside also feature.

We take a trip to pick-up a recently purchased DW and show some of the sales stock being prepared for sale. In addition there is footage from the late 1980’s when Ensign were running ran London routes, including an RT in service!

BONUS FEATURE: Vision’s ‘Stagecoach Garage Bash’ bus tour with Ensign’s MD60

DVD features motion menus, chapter points and our popular commentary-off option.

Approx 88 Mins (plus 20 minute Bonus Feature) - RRP £19.95




Streets of London V5

Streets of London 5 continues where programmes one to four left off, with a selection of subjects we find interesting . . . in the expectation that you will too. In this Edition:

Before the Boris: A reminder of how seventeen routes converted to New Routemaster – before and after.
Poppy Interlude: TfL’s Westminster line-up of the 2015 poppy vinyl buses . . . on a sunny day for once.
Westbourne Park Open Day: Behind the scenes footage of the event, the visiting buses and the free rides.
Around the Block: Unravelling the mysteries of central Croydon, Bromley South and Orpington. Are the bus routeings really as complicated as they look on a map? Yes, they are.
East London Archive: A short, sharp blast of London buses in liveries you may have forgotten.
New Buses for London: A round-up of the many new models introduced onto London streets in 2015 – from ADL to Wright to Optare to Mercedes to Irizar.

DVD Features: Motion Menus, Chapter Points, ‘Commentary Off’ option

Quality: This is a factory-pressed DVD manufactured from a glass master

Approx 76 Mins  - RRP £19.95



Part 1 - Double-Deckers

We bring our popular The London Bus Guide to life. Part 1 features London’s Double-Deckers.

Every different type that is currently operating (as of June 2016) Transport for London services is featured. From those living on borrowed times such as Arriva’s DLAs through to the new designs now being introduced, the Enviro400H City, MCV EvoSeti and the BYD electric double-decker. Plus of course everything in between.

The fantastic variety of buses are filmed at numerous locations across London and this DVD perfectly compliments the book.

DVD Features: Motion Menus, Chapter Points, ‘Commentary Off’ option

Quality: This is a factory-pressed DVD manufactured from a glass master

Running Time: Approx 80 minutes




Quality Assurance: Each DVD is factory-pressed from an original glass master.

Approx 75 mins - £19.95


Quality Assurance: Each DVD is factory-pressed from an original glass master.

Approx 75 mins - £19.95

lon live 16 frnt cover web

The Inside Story

On 23rd July 2016 Visions ran the ‘Londoner Live’ show at west Ham garage. This DVD shows you how the event was organised and what happaned on the day.

There is a short sequence covering the history of the garage. Then we move to the day before theevent to see the withdrawn, new & training buses being to moved to a storage area to allow more room in the yard for the show.

Coverage of the day itself includes the exhibits arriving. RT3251 working in service on routes 262 & 69. Scenes from the show. Coverage of M1, RM5 and RML2272 on the Canning Town to West Ham shuttles. The Docklands tours with the Bendy-Bus MAL15, OA332, RM613 and RM1005.

To round-up we show the run-out at the end of the show.

Written and narrated by Ken Carr

DVD Features: Motion Menus, Chapter Points, ‘Commentary Off’ option

Quality: This is a factory-pressed DVD manufactured from a glass master

Running Time: Approx 53 minutes


LON H 4 web Cover


LONDON’S HERITAGE 4 picks up where Volume 3 left off at the end of 2014 and showcases another prime selection of hand-picked events worked by London’s ‘old masters’.

The full running order:
RTs on Route 11 – The TfL-inspired running day to round off the Year of the Bus and bring the RT75 celebrations to a close.
Romford Running Day – The Essex version of the route 11 event held twelve months later, when many local routes enjoyed a whole day of free heritage service.
Goodbye Hemel Hempstead – The special running day to mark the closure of the very last London-Country style bus station.
RMs on Route 2 – Another celebration, this time the 50th anniversary of RM1’s entry into service in 1956, commemorated with a road run from Golders Green to Crystal Palace . . . accompanied by many others.
Oxted Running Day – The second was even better than the first (in our humble opinion) and our cameras were positioned at all the busy locations, from Old Oxted to The Crown at Westerham. Imberbus – The annual opening of restricted roads on Salisbury Plain, allowing a plethora of RM types to run to the abandoned village of Imber. Windy and wet, but great fun.
Epping-Ongar Railway – The regular bus service operated alongside the railway running days, and a special event bringing even more nostalgia to the area.
Miscellany – The final segment is a collection of video from far and wide featuring, amongst others, the Duxford runway, Upminster, Canvey Island and Bromley Garage Open Day.

The ‘must have’ heritage programme of 2015 and 2016.
Features: Motion-menus, chapter points and our ‘commentary off’ option.
Written & Narrated by David Maxey

Running Time: Approx 75 minutes

Readingbuses - Access All Areas

We were given full access to Reading Buses’ facinating operation. This DVD takes you inside the depot in Great Knollys Street, we take a ride on the famous route 17, feature all the routes from the roadside and visit the newest part of the operation in Newbury.

Inside the depot: We feature the engineering department with maintenance work being undertaken on various members of the fleet; the fuelling & washing bays during the ‘run-in’; the hydrogen gas plant and the control roo.
Roadside: Each of Reading Buses’ routes are colour coded. All the variants are featured at work in and around Reading, including the World’s fastest bus. We also show the interiors of the latest Streetdecks and the incredible student Spritzer buses.
Route 17: A ‘cab-ride’ on the legendary route 17 from Tilehurst to the Three Tuns, with plenty of additional roadside shots.
Test Buses: Footage of a new Routemaster, an Enviro400H City and the Ensign/Vantage ‘Diesel to Hybrid’ bus being evaluated on route 17.
Newbury: A visit to the garage and a look at the Kennections and Vodafone services.

This programme gives a fascinating overview of one of the Britain’s most progressive and innovative bus operators.

Features: Motion-menus, chapter points and our ‘commentary off’ option.
Introduced and Narrated by: Martijn Gilbert (CEO Reading Buses)

Running Time: Approx 90 minutes

Reading Buses DVD cov for print


THE ninth running of Imberbus took place on Saturday, 26th August 2017 when a record twenty-three vehicles provided the annual bus service across Salisbury Plain to the “lost village” of Imber and beyond.

In this DVD you will see: The Friday set-up work by the volunteers; The early arrivals at Warminster on the Saturday morning;A driver’s eye view across the Plain to Imber and the four village destinations . . . and lots of roadside footage as both classic and modern buses kick up the dust on the normally-closed road across the army ranges; Imber Interlude focuses on the ancient village and its surviving buildings, including Imber Court, the Bell Inn and the Church of St Giles, and relates the sad story of the villagers evicted from their homes in 1943; The second half of the programme concentrates on the Gore Cross interchange and the onward journeys to Tilshead, Chitterne , Brazen Bottom and New Zealand Farm Camp; The finale is the mass departure of vehicles from Imber Church to bring the event to a close.

DVD Features: Motion menus and our ‘Commentary Off’ button.

Presented & Narrated by David Maxey

This is a charity production: All the profits will be donated to The Royal British Legion and the Friends of St Giles, Imber.

Running Time: Approx 78 minutes

imber 17 for web
imb 1
imb 2

It’s been a while but our DVD series ‘Streets of London’ is back, rammed full of roadside action.

V6 features the following sections:
Barkingside Branding - All the branded routes feature.
Aldwych Then & Now - An interesting comparison between 2011 & 2018. Every single route has seen some kind of change.
Alphabet Routes - A selection of the Capital’s routes which begin with a letter.
Disappearing Darts - A look at those that have departed in the last year or so and those that are hanging on in early 2018.
Bus Stations - Featuring action from Stratford, Euston, Vauxhall and Tottenham Hale.The Electrics - With more electrics coming on stream we look at the routes that now run on batteries up to and including route 153.

A wide variety of bus types feature in the programme from Presidents through to the latest Van Hool hydrogen bus.

Narrated by David Maxey. Running time is approximately 80 minutes and the DVD has our commentary on-off feature.

Running Time: Approx 80 minutes - £19.95

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